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Trenton & Haley Wedding Photobooth!

Trenton & Haley were married at the gorgeous Monte Verde Inn in Foresthill, CA and our photobooth was a hit!  Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your amazing wedding.  To view/order prints, click on the photo below to access the gallery.

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July 14, 2015 - 2:09 am

Sheila Kaubish Quirk - These are great!! Such a fun photo booth!! ❤️❤️

A Baby Story

What is this job I get to do?!?!

I get to be present for some of people’s most momentous moments. I get to witness the beginning -the start- of people becoming a new thing. The journey into marriage, the journey into parenthood, the journey into saying good bye to their teens, the journey into being grandparents. These journeys usher people into being something they never were. Many are wide eyed. Some are scared.

-All want to remember-

That’s where I come in. And it is a great honor.

I’d like to introduce to you Frank & Sharleen. They hired me to document their journey of becoming parents. The magic while Jr waited to meet them, followed by their crazy birth story, and -lastly- to capture his new-ness.

We call this the Baby Story Package.

Everyone should leave this to a professional. They have these memories for all time and get tell him this beautiful story and show him these portraits as they tell his story. 

On March 13th at about 8:30am I got the call that it was go time! I rushed to Sutter Davis Hospital and captured the start of a fantastic story of hope, courage, and strength.

Sharleen’s contractions were gaining momentum. She was fighting for a natural birth and she took on every contraction like a champ.

Every time she was checked I was sure she would’ve progressed. Her contractions were hard and consistent. She never dilated. She was stuck. He was stuck. Still she fought for a natural birth. She tried every position, she tried walking, squatting, being on her back, on her knees, she tried

Every. Possible. Option.

Sutter Davis Hospital Birthing tub

After over 14 hours of labor the c-section conversation began. It was gentle. She was given a choice. Jr was doing well. He was tolerating labor well. -BUT- they were noticing things they didn’t like. She could wait, and hope she’d suddenly progress, but it was likely going to end in an emergency c-section.

Sharleen fought so hard and she won. She won a beautiful birth story where she exhibited the very thing that makes us parents! She -with her husband- decided sacrificially -giving up their idea of a perfect birth story- they decided to have a c-section before it became an emergency. She made the best decision.

-They became parents-

Sutter Davis C section

March 14th at 12:02am they welcomed their son into the world.

It was perfect end to a beautiful story.

Baby born at Sutter DavisNewborn Portraits


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Growing Up

Watching families grow is a great privilege of mine as a family portrait photographer. I enjoy getting to know and serve the same family through years of memories.

Kids grow up too fast, but memories last forever! Book your family portrait session session now!!

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