I adore photographing people. Families, new life, and new love. I’m sure this surprises no one, but what’s surprising is how much I enjoy photography that is NEW and different to me. I’m surprised by how much my love for photography is renewed when I get to do something unsafe. Safe is staying inside my box. Unsafe is doing something I may not succeed at.

It’s a little scary when people trust me to truck them around without any assurance it’ll be worth it.

This day -and this couple- trusted me to do something out of my norm and we had a freaking blast!!! Motion blur, off camera flash, imperfections, reflections, high ISO, and grainy photos!!!! I got to do it all.

And I loved it.  

At Night Engagement Session

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He waits.

The Wedding Dress

Private Prayer before the ceremony.

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  • Jodi Pope - Hello. My daughter is getting married at the Blue Goose next summer. We will be looking into getting photography quotes very soon and will be contacting you about that. But I happened to see your photos posted on the Blue Goose Facebook page and they are beautiful! We’ve been trying to figure out where we’d want the after ceremony pictures taken. She wasn’t too thrilled about taking them there, as the options seemed so limited. She was thinking about going to a close-by park or something. It looks like this particular bride and groom got married off site and had the ceremony at the Blue Goose. Could you tell me how close the site of their ceremony was and what the name of it was? It looks very pretty. We’d be doing the after ceremony type pictures with bride&groom/wedding party/and maybe immediate family, in addition to actual photos of the ceremony at the site. Thank you so much. We are just trying to figure out possible options and how to go about those types of photos if she doesn’t want to do them onsite. Any advise or suggestions appreciated. Thanks again.ReplyCancel